Domestic Distribution & Transportation

Corporate Delivery

On time, every time!
Providing transportation and distribution services for corporations through a wide range of vehicles and a large number of couriers to ensure on-time delivery with no delay or excuses. All packages are insured and trackable through our website to ensure complete client satisfaction

MovEx is the long-term choice for Egypt’s top corporations and multinationals such as Vodafone,, Elaraby, Puma, Sketchers, and Adidas

Home Delivery


We pride ourselves on being an expert national home delivery service provider.

We understand that home delivery is personal and emotional by keeping customers informed about when to expect their orders.

We are always thinking beyond the doorstep to avoid failed deliveries, even though mistakes can happen,  and in that case, we go the extra mile to correct mishaps for a more favorable impression than if the mistake had not occurred at all. 

It’s a level of tailored service, passion, and expertise that helps us to assure great delivery experience to retail clients and their home delivery customers every day.


E-Commerce business solutions


MovEx is utilizing its logistics expertise and infrastructure to partner with entrepreneurs and online retail sites, further assisting in the trade & commerce by generating economic opportunities in these emerging markets.

Goods must be delivered as promised, so we are crafting creative solutions to combat geographic challenges & to help start-ups as well as established retailers set up or expand their e-commerce operations, including warehousing, payment collection services, order processing, and dedicated customer service.


Value added Services

MovEx letting our clients develop another stream of revenue & therefore every day, major Egyptian retailers put their trust and reputation in the hands of MovEx team.

We are brand ambassadors & we provide each client :

  • A dedicated home delivery team of experts, drivers, couriers, customer service, and project manager.
  • Support with efficient systems for processing, packing orders, Air waybills printing& tracking.
  • Find the best match delivery drivers/vehicles with unlimited capacity for daily pick up& distribution.
  • Cash on delivery with quick, secure, convenient transfers, weekly settlements& real-time reporting.
  • Tailored reporting package that helps in the production and delivery analysis.

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    التوزيع و النقل المحلي

    الخدمة المحلية المميزة بأسعار تنافسية وفريدة من نوعها

    التوزيع والنقل المحلي

    قدرة موفيكس على إستلام وتسليم الشحنات باستمرار في الوقت المحدد ، مما دفع العملاء إلى الإعتماد علينا بشكل كبير.

    تقدم موفيكس العديد من المزايا المختلفة وخدمة التوزيع والنقل المحلية الفريدة للجهات الحكومية والقطاع الخاص والأفراد والتجار ، وتخطيط ميزانيات ذكية وواقعية لمنع الإنفاق الزائد على التوزيع والنقل ، وتوفر عدة خيارات للتسليم.

    نفخر بتقديم خدماتنا  لأكثر من 100 عميل في خدمة التوزيع المحلية لدينا. ايكيا ، فودافون ، أديداس ، مغربي ، وكارفور. بى تك , رنين. 

    موفيكس تسلم علي الصعيد المحلي المعجل

    1.  تسليم نفس اليوم .
    2. تسليم 24 ساعة القاهرة الكبري.
    3. تسليم خلال الأجازات والعطلات الرسمية .
    4.  خدماتنا تشمل التعبئة والتغليف و التخزين في حالة طلب العميل.

    بعض من عملائنا في خدمة التوزيع و النقل داخل مصر

    طلب عرض