MovEx ships to the Global

International Shipping

With MovEx international shipping, you don’t need to hire an agent at destination

MovEx International Shipping

MovEx is well known for the international shipping law of destination countries.
MovEx is also an authorized agent for all shipping lines and has all the licenses that qualify it to practice its activity and holds the certificates of FIATA, EIFFA, IAM & FEDEMAC

The most dependable in sea and air freight transportation

Air Freight

Air Freight is specifically designed for packages that require speedy delivery, door-to-door shipping service.

Whether it’s computer accessories from Far East or medical equipment from Europe or textile supplies to USA. If it’s needed to be there on time and safe, call MovEx!.

Our global network of agents and shipping companies ensure a unified standard throughout the entire journey, by a staff  with  15-years of experience.


Ocean freight

Ocean freight is our option for shipping large cargo, office and house furniture for international removals.

With international standard shipping containers and large network of moving companies all over the world, we can ensure you have the smoothest relocation between Egypt and anywhere else in the world.

Either the required space for shipping is FCL of 40′ or 20′ or even LCL; We provide a full service including: Packing and crating, port and customs clearance as well as in-land transportation

MovEx is licensed FIATA, EIFFA, and ECAA

Call us NOW for an estimate on all your ocean and air shipping needs.
موفكس تنقل الي العالم

النقل الدولي

مع موفيكس للشحن الدولي لا تحتاج الي تعيين وكيل

موفيكس شركة ذات سمعة طيبة فى مجال الشحن حول العالم بإتباع  قوانين الشحن العالمية،

كما أنها وكيل معتمد لكل الخطوط الملاحية ولديها كافة التراخيص التى تؤهلها لمزاولة نشاطها وحاصلة علي شهادات منظمات FIATA, EIFFA, IAM & FEDEMAC

مما يعني أن لديك حماية قانونية، و شحناتك في امان.

We continue to Global and Domestic
markets by our experience.
We move forward

We continue to Global and Domestic
markets by our experience.
We move forward